RFO has several GoFundMe campaigns which you can donate to!

Help RFO Continue to Educate the Community!

This campaign focuses on several different capital and telescope improvements that we need to keep our scopes and facilities in optimal shape for observing, including helping us to do more research and astrophotography. Donations to this campaign will help us give our best astronomy programming experience for you!

Bring Telescopes to Hands of Science-Minded Youth

Donations will help sponsor telescopes that will be awarded to youth in our community through our Striking Sparks program. This program aims to “strike the spark” of learning and discovery for first to eight graders in Sonoma County.

Help Robert Ferguson Observatory ‘Close the Gap!’

This campaign is specifically geared towards helping us bridge the gap of funding for the Americorps member that will be helping us this year with volunteer management—a necessity for RFO that relies completely on volunteers for program development and delivery

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