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(Observatory is open to the public
ONLY for scheduled events).

Star Parties

Saturday, Jan. 5

Solar Observing: 11am
Star Party: 6pm

Sunday, Jan. 20

Solar Observing: 11am
Star Party: 6pm

Night Sky Classes


Jan. 28, Feb. 4, Mar. 4,
Apr. 1, Apr. 29, May 6

A series of six classes focusing on the Spring constellations and their deep-sky objects. Classes last about an hour with observing after class. For prices and more information go to our Classes page.

What's Up?

Friday, Feb. 1, 7pm

What's Up is a limited-ticket event that features a talk on objects in our local galaxy, the Milky Way, and very deep space objects beyond, followed by ample time observing through RFO's telescopes.
Tickets are available through Brown Paper Tickets.

Focus Night

Tuesday, Feb. 5, 7pm

The Wonders of Orion
Orion, the hunter, is one of the most recognizable constellations in the winter night sky.  In this special
"Focus Night" at RFO, we'll take an in depth look at Orion.  Learn about the beautiful stars and nebulae that make this constellation so unique, and find out what he and his two faithful dogs are hunting!
Tickets are available through Brown Paper Tickets.


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RFO at night

Above: The Observatory at night. Photo by Mark Hillestad
Top right photo of Refractor Telescope by Jerry Telfer


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Treat your family, friends,
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Sugarloaf Ridge
State Park

"Team Sugarloaf" operates Sugarloaf Ridge,
including the campground. Five nonprofit organizations formed a unique partnership that has worked tirelessly to keep our park open.  

Partners are: Sonoma Ecology Center; United Camps, Conferences and Retreats; Valley of the Moon Natural History Association; Sonoma County Trails Council; and Valley of the Moon Observatory Association.  

With expertise in campground operations, ecological restoration, astronomy, trails management, and volunteer recruiting and training, Team Sugarloaf is creating new opportunities for Sugarloaf Ridge and its visitors.  Visit sugarloafpark.org for more information.

Come to stargaze and camp at Sugarloaf Ridge!